Irrigation Construction Update

After more than three years of planning, this spring we are beginning the construction and installation of a new irrigation system at Sharon Memorial Park. The project time line is over the next two years and the new system will cover 100% of the cemetery. This investment and infrastructure improvement will make a significant, positive difference in the quality of our lawns well into the future. Another important benefit of the project is water conservation, and once the new system is completed it will enable us to be more efficient and economical in our use of water resources.

While the eventual outcome will be the betterment of the entire park it will not be without some impact. As you can imagine, a construction project of this magnitude will require excavation in the roads and sections and there will also be interruption in the use of the existing irrigation system that will impact what we are able to irrigate over the next two years. While we will continue to do everything we can to maintain the park to the highest standard possible we want to provide you with accurate information in advance so that you have realistic expectations as to what you can expect. We thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation and understanding during this project and look forward to an even more beautiful cemetery for future generations.